[aprssig] Before You Install Windows 10 (Or even if you don't want to) Read This

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Apologies-- I hit "send" too quickly. I mean Lynn's program APRSISCE/32. I like YAAC on Linux, and the constraint of pre-downloading OSM tiles so that it is not internet dependent. But I also use APRSISCE/32 as my main satellite i-gate package and appreciate willy-nilly zooming around maps at the continental level. Both of these are good features, depending on use-case. 

Re: Windows. Dell has long since manufactured lower-end consumer grade PC's available at the big boxes, as well as their business/government class Optiplex lines (better enclosures, air flow, cooling, etc.) Is it possible that Microsoft might release two versions of Windows (divided along these audiences)? i.e. One for "the masses", and one for research/business/government? It's difficult to imagine all the hooks into data/content passing a serious IT security audit. 

In my unit at work, Windows is not used any more. Most people have gone Apple or Linux. 

73, KD0KZE / Paul 

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> I wonder how hospitals, the military or 
> other critical infrastructure could adopt an operating system that might 
> spontaneously make some application non-functional or stealth download 
> large amounts of data. 

Because decisions are made by nontechnical people, primarily on the 
basis of cost and who they play golf with. 

> I wish APRSIS can be ported to Java or somesuch. 

eh? you don't think the core runs on Windows, do you? It's 
exclusively unix, with the application being either javAPRSSrvr 
(written in java) or aprsc. 

No idea about the dominant OS for T2, but I'm sure the application is 
one of those two in at least the majority of cases. 

> Probably we should 
> take stock of legacy Windows ham radio software that remain popular by 
> active hams today, and build some sort of chart of functionality. Find 
> out where the overlaps are, and what new platform-independent or Linux 
> based projects might come out of that. 

Is the most popular APRS client in use still UI-View? You know, the 
one where the author has been SK for years and the source code was 
destroyed and the only executable was compiled on an OS that hasn't 
been supported for quite a while? Is this a crowd you think you can 
persuade to change? 


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