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Welcome to APRS.  Yaesu didn't follow the protocol for the tune feature, they know it but haven't fixed it on their end as of yet.  Some feel the need to hop their objects all over, sometimes from home stations.  Others feel the need to beacon repeaters that the radios that tune can't physically tune; 6M, 220, DMR, 900.  So, the best we can say is try to email the offenders and explain that all they are doing is adding interference to the network.  After all if someone was putting interference on a repeater or HF the words would fly.  For some reason APRS gets no respect.......... Carl,KB1EJH
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       On a recent trip to the Pittsburgh area I had two issues that bothered me. First, every repeater object I seen was not in the correct format for my Yaesu rig to use the Tune/QSY feature. Due to the fact the frequency wasn't in the comment text. Second, I saw a handful of repeater objects that were going one and two hops. Well beyond their usable range. Has anyone else had issues like this?

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