[aprssig] What is the process to make changes to APRS symbols document ?

Tom tom.w1tg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 9 21:13:16 EDT 2015

My apologies for not being clear...thought I was...

Anyhow I don't see this as a "nefarious scheme".  I see it as a change...an apparently I'm the only one who's noticed so far.

I'm just looking for a simpler way to view the info rather than build a long filter...

I now know who the author is and he's on Googlegroups and I'll post a message there.

Thanks for your comments!

Tom - W1TG

 Yes, I see
 your point now and that's distinctly different from
 first message and has a lot more
 clues.  Instead of some nefarious
 scheme to
 rid APRS-IS feeds of DStar data it appears that the parser
 simply behaving differently.  The DStar
 stations technically have
 SSID's (since they're not numbers).  If the parser
 strict about parsing valid SSIDs
 (meaning only an SSID of -1 through -15
 blank which would only work in over-the-air APRS packets)
 then it's
 going to kill off all sorts of
 stations like WinLink (som of which end
 -WL), the DSTar repeaters (A-D), and others.  Seems like
 more of an
 accident than anything

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