[aprssig] unusual Terrestrial APRS propagation

Paul Bramscher pfbram at comcast.net
Thu Sep 3 10:14:24 EDT 2015

Yep, I was cycling through the list on my rig itself, taking note of the
stations it had recorded.  That's where I noted alot of traffic from
nearby N0HOY-10, which I then looked up on aprs.fi.

It's not documented well in the D710 manuals, but I browsed through
heard stations, then delved into greater info for PATH and noted a FIRST
and LAST for each of them.  Some were just "local".  I see there's a
PacketCluster DX also, and will read more into that functionality.

While the rig itself will let me determine my own propagation
conditions, it would be interesting to see a nationwide map.

I know very little about the mechanics of tropo ducting, but as I
understand it, it can occur when there's a temperature inversion with
lower altitudes cooler than higher.  We did go through a week or two of
unseasonably cold weather recently, but summer has returned.

73, KD0KZE / Paul

On 9/1/2015 2:28 PM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Remember, and IGate is **useless** for noting **anything** about
> propogation since the servers will only capture the FIRST copy heard and
> that will always be from someone elses IGate that is closer.  To know if
> you received something DX via RF, you must look at your own RF log.  Bob
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> Wow -- I thought it too unusual, didn't believe what I was seeing.  I
> wish I'd left the igate on -- will put it into full-time service
> tonight.  I knew there was at least some enhanced propagation.  Direct
> hits from digipeaters 50+ miles away that I could confirm and some
> apparently much further.  I had to zoom APRSISCE's map outward, the
> lines drawn were much longer than normal.
> The D710 was giving its trademark blip, a slightly different sound, on a
> periodic basis for hearing "DX" stations.  I'll have to set aside HF for
> awhile and experiment with 2-6m if this is still going on.  As for not
> hearing other 2m phone stations for the short time I looked, I was part
> of the problem myself: I only listened, but didn't call CQ.
> 73, KD0KZE / Paul

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