[aprssig] on a multi-TNC digipeater, which callsign should be traced?

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 12:45:54 EDT 2015

When I did this on the three port system using Digi-ned I used
something like the 'both - in receive-transmit order.'   That allow a
receiving station to look at the incoming path and reply directly with
a specific path.


Packet on 144.39:

  wa7nwp,wide2-2:>Hello world

A Digipeated packet routed to the 9600 channel would be seen as:

  wa7nwp,144390*,440800*,wide2-2:>Hello World

For a station on the 440.800 to send to wa7nwp:

  ka2ddo,144390,wide2-2:>good night iPad

That packet would be sent out on 144.39 with the following:

  ka2dd0,440800*,144390*,wide2-2:>good night iPad

In each case the cross band digipeater would tag the packet with the port used.


> if the frame was received on the port with
> callsign AP0RT-1 and digipeated out both TNC's AP0RT-1 and AP0RT-2, which
> callsign should be used for the trace on the transmission out AP0RT-2? The
> receiving port (AP0RT-1)? The transmitting port (AP0RT-2)? Or both in
> receive-transmit order?
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