[aprssig] water level gauge for APRS

Rick Widmer yahoo at rickwidmer.com
Mon Oct 5 07:46:00 EDT 2015

On 10/4/2015 11:18 PM, Steve Noskowicz via aprssig wrote:
> I don't know if this gives anyone ideas, but...
> A friend has a very clever commercial fuel tank guage in his boat.  I had the web page for it, but not now...
> A tube in the tank goes to the bottom, but is open on the bottom.
> A hand pump pumps air into the tube.
> An analog, barometer-style mechanical pressure guage (just like on a BP cuff) on the pump shows the pressure at the pump and, therefore,  top of the tube.
> When the tube bubbles out the bottom, the pressure stops building and you read the depth.  The guage is calibrated for the liquid.  I did the calculations for water and compared my results with the pressure guage on my sphygmomanometer (BP cuff)
> Pretty slick.
> Paper describing in more detail
>    http://hemingways.org/Yandina/Temp/fuelgauge.pdf
> Commercial:
> http://levelcom.net/

Looks like you nailed it...


Rick  KD7VKZ

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