[aprssig] Does anybody know what APZMVA is?

Roger Elmore relmore at utm.edu
Tue Nov 10 17:15:39 EST 2015

Frank Knobbe wrote:
> My intended coverage range is from the Tennessee river in 
> the west to just past of Cookville in the east, so TN2-2 seemed
>  the best approach to me. (Basically, middle TN. Still hoping to 
> get folks interested in covering the east and west.)

My post was sent before 10AM CST so it was delayed.  At 4:00, I see nothing in the Nashvegas area, so your TN2-2 path seems to be fine. 

>> I'm waiting on your overview.  I think it's kind of neat, and have heard QSOs from the JAX area stating the same.

> It's coming. Sorry, been a busy couple days. Stay tuned.

No problem.  Once I figure out how you're doing what you're doing, I know two of the sysops of fill-ins with bi-directional IGates in Jackson and I might interest one in covering the I-40 area between you and Memphis.  Of course the output would need to be pertinent to that stretch of interstate, otherwise it would be tough to consider it "local information", eh?
Roger  KJ4AJP

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