[aprssig] Does anybody know what APZMVA is?

Frank Knobbe k4fhk at knobbe.us
Tue Nov 10 16:47:50 EST 2015

On Tue, 2015-11-10 at 15:55 +0000, Roger Elmore via aprssig wrote:
> FWIW Frank, here in Weakley County EM56ni I'm seeing this on KJ4AJP-1:
> 09:21:01R K4FHK-3>APZMVA,KA4BNI-3*,TN2 <UI Len=72>:
> 09:21:01R K4FHK-3>APZMVA,NT4UX-3*,TN2* <UI Len=72>:

> Although I'm nowhere near the interstates, I wouldn't say you're being a nuisance.  I'm also nowhere near the two-hop WX stations in Alabama I'll continue to still see even when the day warms up.  Looks to me like you're using a 1 hop SSn-n path so you're trying your best to keep it local.  It's just that KA4BNI-3 west of me has great ears, especially when conditions are just so.


Thanks. Actually, the packets are being brought to RF with TN2-2.
However, some of our local digis seem to be configured to digipeat WIDE
with digicall insertion, but just relay TN without digicall insertion.
"KA4BNI-3*,TN2" would indicate that it was already relayed (probably by
W1ARN-1) and then digipeated by K4BNI-3. I'm only in ear-shot of W1ARN-1
and NT4UX-3 with my station and antenna (with occasional pickup by
N4HAP-1). My intended coverage range is from the Tennessee river in the
west to just past of Cookville in the east, so TN2-2 seemed the best
approach to me. (Basically, middle TN. Still hoping to get folks
interested in covering the east and west.)

> I'm waiting on your overview.  I think it's kind of neat, and have heard QSOs from the JAX area stating the same.

It's coming. Sorry, been a busy couple days. Stay tuned.


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