[aprssig] T/CT on Kenwood

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 Also, The D7 and D700 had an "AI" (Auto Information) command.  When envoked (AI 1), the radio processor wound spit out the serial port versions of whatever commands were executed on the front panel.  If you can figure out if the D72 / D710 has this feature, then you can play with the "Split Tone" commands on the front panel and see what dribbles out the serial port... I have no 72, or 710 so can't play and am getting ready for a big Mr. Wizard style science demo show anyway... -- 
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>  My version of Kai's sheet is vers 11 - Apr 2009, so if you find  
> something newer it may have more.  I don't see anything better  
> right now. -- 

I think i have a more recent version but not related to tones T or CT.

There are a few commands for the new TM-D710 with GPS that i'm going  
to add before i'm posting the new document.

Version 11 can be downloaded from:  

To set tones for a channel/vfo you might have to do this in several  
step if you do this manually with the commands. Using the software  
from Kenwood is probably easier ;-)

T only transmit a tone and CT is encode/decode.
You can probably "trick" the radio to use both T and CT using  
odd-split repeater memory channels.

Kai Gunter
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