[aprssig] T/CT on Kenwood

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Mon Mar 30 06:38:56 EDT 2015

Quoting "Steve Noskowicz" <noskosteve at yahoo.com>:

>  My version of Kai's sheet is vers 11 - Apr 2009, so if you find  
> something >newer it may have more.  I don't see anything better  
> right now. -- 

I think i have a more recent version but not related to tones T or CT.

There are a few commands for the new TM-D710 with GPS that i'm going  
to add before i'm posting the new document.

Version 11 can be downloaded from:  

To set tones for a channel/vfo you might have to do this in several  
step if you do this manually with the commands. Using the software  
from Kenwood is probably easier ;-)

T only transmit a tone and CT is encode/decode.
You can probably "trick" the radio to use both T and CT using  
odd-split repeater memory channels.

Kai Gunter

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