[aprssig] D710 programming?

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Thankyou greatly for the reply  It is the last clue i needed..ve7whk

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On 2015-03-11 21:11, K.Deckert wrote:
> I have owned a D710 for a awhile am well versed in its use.
> However I have not used the PM memory functions much.
> I am wondering with the ability to have multiple Memory groups in the 
> radio
> Can I set up a PM memory to scan only a certain group.
> IE i have ‘Home’ channels i frequently use  but do not use them when i 
> travel
> any ideas. So can I set up a PM to use just the channels i need when 
> traveling?
> Kevin VE7WHK

The memories are shared between the PMs and the lockouts are connected
to the memory locations, they are not stored with the PMs (see page PM-1
of the CD-ROM manual) so you can't set up a PM to lock and unlock channels.

There is, however, a memory scan group function available (assuming you
haven't used this feature).  It is the same scan group feature that was
available in the D700, each group of 100 channels (0-99, 100-199, etc.
in the D710 -- this was groups of 20 in the D700) is a scannable group
(see page SCAN-2 upper right).  Choose a memory channel that exists
within the group then hold the tuning knob down for one second to
initiate the scan.  The radio will scan only the memory channels in that

So set your "home" channels to be on any of the channels 0-99 (or
100-199, etc.) and then your "away" channels to another group of 100 and
you'll be able to scan one group and not the other.  You would have to
duplicate any channels that are common to the two groups (e.g. calling
frequencies) but you'll otherwise have the limited scan range that you want.

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