[aprssig] ARISS igated location anomaly/discrepancy

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 30 23:34:55 EDT 2015

Ground plane can be chicken wire or larger.  Holes just need to be smaller
than 4 inches or so (for 2m).

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On 6/30/2015 9:22 PM, Paul Bramscher via aprssig wrote:
   I hit BCON once more, out of curiosity on this pass, and
> WA8LMF digipeated me correctly.  WA8LMF has a reliable setup, and is
> one of our better bets for being heard from our QTH in the St.
> Paul/Minneapolis area.  Here you can see how WA8LMF passed a "<0x1c>"
> character (if e-mail doesn't mess this up), whereas W0JW did not:

It's a standard UIview igate/digipeater/webserver setup running in a Windows
micro-2003 virtual machine on my Acer 756 netbook. TNC is the UZ7HO
Soundmodem soundcard soft TNC linked to UIview with the AGWpe-style TCP/IP
interface. The Soundmodem is using a Behringer UCA-202 external USB semi-pro
sound card. The
UCA-202 is a superb performer for all sound card apps due to it's extremely
low distortion, greater than 90 dB S/N and flat response from 1 Hz to 20KHz
0.5 dB .    Review here:

The RF part is using a Kenwood TM-221 monoband mobile and an Icom AH-7000
discone antenna.  I thought the no-gain discone would have a very fat
radiation angle, but it doesn't work as well as I expected.   After Bob's
report on the 3/4-wave vertical, I think I am going to try that instead,
once I come up with a feasable approach to the large-area ground plane under
the whip.
  (The discone is currently about 10' off the roof on a 7' mast in a TV
tripod.)  I'm thinking a 6-10-foot square piece of hardware cloth spread out
on the roof.

Details on the UIview setup are here on my website:


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