[aprssig] Fossil-fuel-free-Fieldday Fun

Jeff Dugas (Mobile) N5TEV at CompuServe.com
Thu Jun 11 11:10:54 EDT 2015

Reluctantly agree.

No offense intended, but the idea of avoiding tried-and-true reliable conventional generator power seems ... I dunno, eccentric?  What's really wrong with a regular generator?  Again, no offense intended, but the stated objections to a proper generator (stinky, noisy, etc) are subjective in the context of the situation.  All those car batteries have to be charged by an internal combustion engine anyway. Just set up a proper generator. If a particular individual does not like the concept of a generator, then that person could run his or her own individual equipment from solar, wind, or other niche boutique forms of energy.  But wiring up a parking lot full of cars just seems a little ... Rube Goldberg.

My two cents.


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