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Mon Jun 8 11:35:31 EDT 2015

Quoting "Lynn W. Deffenbaugh \(Mr\) via aprssig" <aprssig at tapr.org>:

> On 6/8/2015 11:04 AM, Kai Gunter Brandt - LA3QMA via aprssig wrote:
>> Using APRX as an IGATE is now posting "false positions" for a user   
>> as it insert them even if it was not digipeated by ISS.
>> This is misleading as users then seems to have been using a   
>> satellite but the real story is that the local igate just inserted   
>> it.
>> So for regular terrestrial APRS use i agree that this is not   
>> something APRX should do differently. But for satellites it's a bit  
>>  different as "direct" positions are a false position and has gone   
>> directly to an IGATE and not via "space".
> The raw packet shows plainly that it was gated directly and not via the
> satellite, so it's not a "false position" nor is it "misleading" to
> those that understand paths and used path components.

Agree but most users don't read the path and if i.e aprs.fi is  
displaying a position from i.e LA3QMA and it has not been going trough  
the satellite it's wrong information.

> Hacking the APRS-IS server software to solve this "problem" I don't
> believe is a good long-term solution.  Hacking the received packets to
> make them unique is also a disaster waiting to happen.

I'm not talking about hacking the APRS-IS server software but more the  
APRX-igate-client for a spesiffic SGATE function.

Using APRX a rule set can be made for satellites and then there is no hacking.

> What I think we need is for someone to put up a firenet-type APRS-IS
> server to which SatGates can connect that logs ALL received packets and
> does not do any dupe suppression.  The packets can be fed into the
> normal APRS-IS for global visibility (and dupe-suppressed), but those
> that want to see their raw packets would have a place to look.
> It would require SatGate operators to change their APRS-IS server, but
> there's few enough of those (currently) that it shouldn't be very
> difficult.

If APRSC can be changed for this i see that this can be a solution.

I found some perl code for using a TNC and using the APRS parser it's  
possible to make som extra software.

But the quick solution is a local APRS-IS server and using a script  
with filters like b/RS0ISS*/W3ADO-1/ARISS/PSAT/PCSAT  
d/RS0ISS*/W3ADO-1/ARISS*/PSAT*/PCSAT* and then insert into regular  
APRS-IS i think...

Anyhow going to think a little about this first...
If we need an APRS-IS server for SGATE i can provide this.

But then we should probably solve the "dupe-supressed" challenge first??

Kai Gunter

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