[aprssig] PSAT & igating

pfbram at comcast.net pfbram at comcast.net
Sat Jun 6 15:45:08 EDT 2015

Say, I heard N5ZNL on a PSAT pass earlier today from my QTH here in Minnesota. It appears to have been igate'd but I don't see it online anywhere. A glitch of some sort? I was trying to work it myself on the same pass. Signals were pretty weak: 

Port(D710):Port(D710):2015-06-06T16:36:21.062 Kenwood[69]:N5ZNL>APS227,PSAT,ARISS*,SGATE,WIDE2:=3219.80N/09008.40W`Rick in EM42 
IGate:WinMain:2015-06-06T16:36:21.062 RFtoIS:[D710]IGated N5ZNL>APS227,PSAT,ARISS*,SGATE,WIDE2,qAR,KD0KZE:=3219.80N/09008.40W`Rick in EM42 
Packets:WinMain:2015-06-06T16:36:21.062 RF[D710][1200] N5ZNL>APS227,PSAT,ARISS*,SGATE,WIDE2:=3219.80N/09008.40W`Rick in EM42 
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