[aprssig] PSAT digipeater is ON (ARISS and APRSAT aliases)

Jeff Dugas (Mobile) N5TEV at CompuServe.com
Wed Jun 3 08:30:55 EDT 2015

I would like to suggest that calling people "idiotic" in a public forum should be avoided. We can all provide constructive criticism and feedback in a civil manner. It seems like the internet sometimes fosters a coarsening of interchange at times. We are better than that. Every person participating here makes a contribution, and debate can be conducted in mutual respect without offending others.


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>> Sorry this is confusing, but ARISS and APRSAT were always the intended generic Satellite Aliases, just like WIDEn-N is on Earth.  The reason that there are both ARISS and APRSAT is because the original radio/TNC on the ISS only could supplrt a single ALIAS.  And since it was using ARISS, then the only way to make all APRS satellites generic was then to put ARISS in ALL APRS satellites too.  It has been this way since 2001 in all APRS satellites.
>This was an idiotic decision. APRS does not control ARISS and we cannot guarantee how ARISS will use the alias ARISS, but clearly it belongs to them and should not have been used for anything not on the ISS. It slipped under the radar because everything prior did the substitution, but now your kludge is biting you in the ass. There is a lesson here Bob. Learn it. Please.
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