[aprssig] Q: Is the word "emergency" a key word? A: YES!

KF4LVZ aprssigZbr6 at acarver.net
Sat Jul 25 13:31:55 EDT 2015

Mixed case doesn't help, the word is still going to set off some clients.

On 2015-07-25 09:51, Andrew P. via aprssig wrote:
> Considering that the text "EMERGENCY" in an APRS free-text position 
> comment or status message makes most APRS clients fire off alarms, I'm 
> wondering whether I should update my client (YAAC) to confirm that the 
> user really means to scream "EMERGENCY" when they modify their position 
> comment or status. We seem to be getting a number of users who proudly 
> shout out that they are operating at an EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER or 
> some similar place, and thereby annoy the users around them with 
> spurious emergency triggers.
> What's the consensus about adding a 
> little confirmation dialog asking "Do you really mean to scream out 
> EMERGENCY?", and fixing their text to mixed case if they don't say Yes?

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