[aprssig] QIKCOM-2 SPoken Messages

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 22 23:11:35 EDT 2015

Inviting proposed standard messages for the next APRS Satellite:

Our next QIKCOM-2 APRS satellite will accept 2 digit uplink DTMF messages
to be spoken on the downlink.  We have already programmed all of the ARRL
standard radio grams and emergency messages.

But there is room for more.  So think....  What kind of message would you
want to send (that is not included in the existing ones) from your HT out
in the wilderness.  At a hamfest?  or any other HAM Radio event or
opportunity.  Keep them simple and of the same order of length as the
existing ones.

The existing ones are listed here:

But the implementation cannot include blanks for fill-in like the regular
ones.  But any sentence that stands alone can work.

Just thought I'd open it up.  Plenty of RAM and only 1 week before

Serious considerations only.  Thanks

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