[aprssig] Golden Packet Results (worked!)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 21 18:01:00 EDT 2015

It will take a while to compile.  But successful RF connectivity from
Springer Mountain in Georgia to the TOP of Mt Katahdyn in Maine plus a link
into Canada.

We had to use a voice relay at Sam’s PT in NY (station 10 out of 14), since
the volunteer there only was found the night before and he did not have
packet configured and it is the most lengthy hike-up site (next to the 1
mile vertical climb of Katahdyn (that Tim does every year).

We have the potential of making 3 of the sites permanent next year.  So we
are looking for MOLES that can get us into permanent setups at other
sites.  Thus, making a 2000 mile all-RF packet system.  Biggest problem
will be a FREQ.  145.01 seems to have DX stuff on it.  I don’t know how to
survey all 17 states along the way other than asking people to MONITOR all
the channels between 145.03 to 145.09 etc everywhere and see what is

There was rain at various places and the usual visits of Murphy, but
packets were successful.

One other thing learned is that a good 7 Ah battery seems to cover the
event with the D710, though we stopped early once everyone had uccess.  But
it beats carrying up several 20 Ahr batteries I have done in the past.!

Bob, WB4aPR
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