[aprssig] Good Propagation = Poor APRS Performance?

David Andrzejewski david at davidandrzejewski.com
Thu Jul 16 18:05:57 EDT 2015

So, I've been noticing that not all of the packets being transmitted by 
my home station (KD8TWG-1) are being picked up by local digis and igates 
regularly like they normally are.  I've done my best to check my station 
- antenna and feedline are good, radio power is normal, SWR is minimal, 
radio is on frequency.

Then I noticed that propagation around my area (Clevland, Ohio) has been 
really excellent lately according to this map: 
http://aprs.mountainlake.k12.mn.us/.  Would it be a good assumption that 
because of the good propagation, the local digis are simply getting 
overloaded?  Or should I do more troubleshooting on my equipment?  I 
should note that my Kenwood TH-D72 hears and decodes every single packet 
from my station perfectly, but it's obviously very close to the antenna.

- Dave/KD8TWG

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