[aprssig] Packet counter S/W...

George Vastianos gvastianos at yahoo.gr
Thu Jan 29 04:36:30 EST 2015

Hello everyone

I want to make validation tests for the decoding performance of various hardware and software (soundcard) tncs I have available based on the benchmark APRS TNC test audio cd of wa8lmf.


according to wa8lmf a good software to use in order to count the number of decoded packets is the APRS+SA.

I tried to use APRS+SA and i find it extremely complex. I wasnt able to make it talk with TNCs directly without any 3rd party s/w (eg KipSS). I was able to get aprs traffic only via internet from an aprs-is server.

What Iam looking for is a s/w that will be able to connect via com or tcp port to a tnc, get packets in  kiss format and COUNT them! 

Are there any alternatives to APRS+SA that may do this thing?

tnx & 73

george SV8GXC 

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