[aprssig] APRStt (apps galore)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 23 12:54:27 EST 2015

>> Is this actually in use anywhere?

Yes!  But you gotta think outside the tracker box...

> We have used it... at several events... Runner mode... led to
>  in both DireWolf (released) and TinyTrak4 (not yet released).
>... to display the runner list at each checkpoint. (our MTeC event.)
> The checkpoint ID is stored in the radio DTMF memory.
> The ham types in the (numeric) team number
> and the radio  sends the memory and the team number.
> Thus each teams Posit moves from ckpoint to ckpoint in  APRS...
> showing a 'instantaneous' view of all of the runner's progress.

Remember, this is using any HT that *every* ham already has at every

Special events are ideal.  We also use it here for marathons.  But there
is a global APRS component too.  Just coming up on any APRStt (listening)
repeater and pressing ONE BUTTON to send your call sign from DTMF memory
accomplishes 90% of the normal APRS fucnctions into the global APRS
network.  It shows:

* your callsign
* the date/time of being heard
*  your location near that repeater (seen globally)
* The FREQUENCY you are monitoring
* Real-time Info about that repeater or activity or event

That is an amazing amount of information sent locally and globally from
*any* radio without any additional hardware, software, or training other
than putting one's callsign into DTMF memoery ONCE and pressing ONE

Now add in the Voice Synthesizer and here is what *anyone* with *any*
radio can receive:

* Voice notification of every new DTMF checkin
* Voice announcement of every nearby moving APRS mobile
* List of any incoming emails or messages
* read-back of any incoming emails or messages
* range and bearing from repeater to any other user
* Satelites in view in the next 20 minutes
* practically ANY OTHER local info on demand..

Now, then if the user actually sends in a position report using DTMF using
any of the practical APRStt formats then the entire APRS functionality is
available.  Here are typical APRS DTMF position reports:

1) Fixed ones: pre-program your home, office, bar, girlfriend, playground
into DTMF
2) B2RRRmm* reports your position by mile mark on route RRR
3) B3RRbbb* Range and Bearing from the repeater
4) B1nn* Any of 99 pre-listed possible ham locations in this clubs area
5) B4YYXX* exact position to 60' at an event with pre-map
6) B5XXYY* position to nearest mile anywhere within range of that repeater

And so forth.  Now, once the APRS system knows exactly where you are,
imagine all the queries you can ask for information about things IN APRS
that surround you.

* Where is nearest other APRS person.
* What is hearest weather
* the list goes on adnausium.

> I...agree that people _could_ use APRStt.  I just don't think
> they _will_.

You have to show them a great LOCAL application that gives them value.
Since every ham already has the device in the palm of their hand!


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