[aprssig] First digi versus last digi?

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 21 20:06:27 EST 2015

I can attest to this method working.  When my XYL drove from Ohio to 
Florida some years ago with a Tiny Track, the GPS cable was disconnected 
at a rest stop.  I was still able to flight follow down to at least 
County level resolution by looking up the location of the first 
Digipeater reported on Find-U.

Plenty good enough for my purposes.



On 1/20/2015 15:49, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> To me, FIRST digi is the most important.  It allows NATIONAL tracking
> for weeks with nothing but a tracker an 6 AA cells (no GPS).
> Here’s how:
> Use any timer/pic porocessor/tracker and simply transmit a short STATUS
> text once every 10 minutes.
> APRS.FI <http://APRS.FI> and/or FINDU.COM <http://FINDU.COM> plot the
> location of this first heard-no-posit-beacon and plots it as a
> “VICININTY” plot showing the nearest digipeater that heard it.  FINDU
> does this now, I am not sure about APRS.FI <http://APRS.FI>.
> This gives you a plot anywhere in the country where that tracker has
> been (to the nearest 10 miles or so).  And at one packet every 10
> minutes at  5 Watt output, then the average power is 0.01W or at 7 volts
> (6 cells) at 1.4 mA which should last 2000 hours on a AA alkaline cell
> or about 3 months.
> No, it is not precise tracking, but for tracking something all over the
> country with no access to anything but 6 AA cells, it is a great technique.
> ALSO of course, knowing the first digi while messaging is useful for
> assuring that digi gets a copy of any messages to that station.
> Bob, WB4APR.

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