[aprssig] Hello APRS SIGsters:

Dave B g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 15 08:24:39 EST 2015

> > I bought a USB > < Serial CABLE,  that APPEARS to work properly
> Open a terminal program, short pins 2 and 3, and see if you see what
> you type.  Simple loopback test to verify communications out to the
> DB9.
> > Anyone out there running a MacBook Pro on APRS ?
> Option 1: xastir.  OS X is unix.
> Option 2: virtual machine (virtual box is free, Parallels or VMware
> are $) running either linux (xastir, only easer to build than on OS X)
> or windows (running whatever APRS app there is for windows).
> -Jason
> kg4wsv

Option 3: YAAC running in Java. (It seems you can install and use Java on a 
MAC.   ("Java" is not the same as "Javascript" that runs in a browser.)
It does work very well, with real TNC's and radios, or via "the net".


Dave G0WBX.

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