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Wed Jan 14 07:09:59 EST 2015

It is I, none other than " The ONLY APRS Station in Japan "EX: 7J6CAT, back on Okinawa:I have been wondering how anyone is using a MacBook Pro on APRS.I bought a USB > < Serial CABLE,  that APPEARS to work properly, but couldn't seem to get it working right with my old MFJ 1270C. Anyone out there running a MacBook Pro on APRS ?Being that I don't have ANY equipment here aside from an FT-250 HT, I MAY have to FINALLY Register a copy of MacAPRS in order to use it on an Internet connection here. I have downloaded Pocket Packet for the MacBook, but there is barely THREE stations I see operating on the Island. MattWA4TKG(No, I have not yet reapplied for my 7J Call, seeing as they charge us an ANNUAL FEE to hold a callsign, despite JA's operating for FREE in the USA! )
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