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Thanks-- I'll make the attempt but suspect it could be awhile until the timing is just right. 

During the ISS pass this morning ~ 8 am CDT, I saw NO-44 at the fringe on my radio horizon and heard it squawk a bit. Couldn't decode anything, and it usually sounds hoarse. According to my app, the ISS orbits at ~ 417 km, and NO-44 at ~ 793 km -- right now, anyway. So the closest they can theoretically get is somewhere around 376 km depending on how elliptical things are. Under ideal circumstances, I suppose the theoretical maximum would be whatever is the furthest possible line of sight given those elevations? 

I'll take what I can get in between. Since people can work NO-44 directly from the ground, 800+ km ISS -> NO-44 seems quite reasonable if its power permits. 

73, KD0KZE / Paul 

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The only time PCSAT has enough power to even complete a single packet is 
during mid-day passes in the North hemisphere. 
Your path looks right depending on what the ISS needs (I have not worked 
it since the change from the kenwood to the erricson). 

Bob, Wb4aPR 

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My question -- on rare occasions I notice passes where both the ISS and 
NO-44 are within likely spitting distance. If I wanted to work both at 
the same time, would I simply setup my path as something like: 
"RSOISS*, W3ADO-1" or "ARISS, W3ADO-1"? And I've read that NO-44 has 
solar/battery issues. Is there a particular time of day that I also need 
to take into account? 

73, KD0KZE / Paul 
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