[aprssig] Radio Shack demise - Lets take back 11 meters!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 13 12:27:08 EST 2015

>> Here is an idea.  Radio Shak was the #1 seller and supporter of CB
>> radios.  But as they close down, there remains a few BILLION dollars
>> worth of 27 MHz spectrum sitting on the table.

> Huh? Why does the closure of one retailer of equipment for the Citizens
Band Radio Service mean that the spectrum used in that service is
magically free of users?

Actually, it was more of a reminder about the 11m band and the few times a
decade that I check it, it seems dead except for channel 19 and 9.  SO my
idea I guess was more along the lines of how can we use it (as emregecny
responders) more than we do now?  It would be neat to be able to use one
channel for local data... I guess that was my thinking.   So how to get
FCC approval?


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