[aprssig] next beta build#54 of YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client") created 2015-Feb-01

Andrew P. andrewemt at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 1 17:36:46 EST 2015

Greetings, all.

The next build of YAAC is available, downloadable from the usual sources or by automatic upgrade from within YAAC.


Updates, improvements, and corrections include:

1. Make keystore password prompt less annoying for users not using the keystore for SSL APRS-IS connections or signed messaging.

2. Change map scaling for displaying municipality names at more appropriate scales, and make the scale settings user-editable.

3. Display all map zoom limits in rendering controls in current distance unit, rather than in OpenMap internal scale units.

4. Fix line-of-sight plot to render earth curvature correctly.

5. Fix incorrect direction for plotting offsetted PHG circles.

6. Properly support multiple ports on a AGWPE server for transmit and receive, allow YAAC to connect to more than one such port simultaneously.

7. Stop creating bogus NOCALL station symbol on map during startup.

8. Fix bug with creating locally originated objects, improve management of local objects.

9. Fix typo in OpenStreetMap data importer that caused railway and airport data to be discarded.

The latest OpenStreetMap data is also available on the author's website for download, using the planet_20150126.osm.bz2 file and the above-mentioned fix in the importer.

Enjoy, everybody.

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
author of YAAC
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