[aprssig] Latest updates on Windows 10 Hard-sell Tactics Aimed At Win 7 & 8 Users

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Sun Dec 13 22:04:11 EST 2015

Stephen your are correct in your findings about windows 10 it is the
same warning I sent out to user of windows 10 I am a Mac and Linux
guy, we take windows for granted but the invasion of a user privacy if
one is technically inclined would stop using windows immediately , I 
know all the backdoors' entry in windows OS how one can easily invade
your privacy unknowing to the user.
I have tested it on several users and they were shock and surprise to
know that windows have serious privacy invasion flaws there is need to
take this very seriously 
	Linux - A house with no Windows or backdoor

	In A World without Wall and Fences who needs Windows and Gates ?
 Julien Mervyn Dedier
 9Z4FZ / Trinidad and Tobago
 M0JDD / United KingdomIT Technical Technician
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