[aprssig] APRS and drones

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 7 19:29:05 EST 2015

On 12/7/15 10:00 AM, aprssig-request at tapr.org wrote:
> Generally I have had no interest in drones and kinda figured they will be
> nothing but trouble.for all of us....
> But then, they are here, so what APRS applications are there?  I have
> thought of three, Hover, Squat and Deliver.
<snip hover>
> 2) Squat - I have seen some event venu's where "it sure would be nice if we
> could get a digi up there"....  SO send a drone with APRS digi on it and
> squat on top of something very tall.... Probably against every rule written
> and un-written.

This is known as "perching" in the UAV world. It is probably the most 
common strategy for long duration applications (observation, radio 
relay, etc.)

> Or one step further on the "Squat".
> Have "human proximity" built in....If a human comes near - leave and go
> back later. (Think tall buildings or the top of 2k foot towers.....)
> - Also would be good to have mobile DF equipment!

Detecting humans (as opposed to "any large object")  is non-trivial.

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