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>> 1) Hover - How long could a special event APRS digipeater drone remain aloft if it was assisted by a few party balloons so that it was slightly negative lift.  How long could the drone extend its mission with the lift motors on their lowest practical speed?
> Not nearly as long as if you just used balloons and left the UAV out of the picture. 
> A hover is very expensive in terms of power, and unless you've got a lift surface and some forward velocity to generate lift it's practically all hover. Any significant payload and you're looking at 30 minutes flight time. 
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A better option would be a RC airship like http://www.carangiair.com/
then you are practicaly limited by the operating time of the digi as the
airship is level with the air so you only use the energy for
stationkeeping, offcourse in strong winds it will be limited more.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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