[aprssig] Electric Field Sensor (XMAS lights)?

Rick Widmer yahoo at rickwidmer.com
Sun Dec 6 03:39:57 EST 2015

On 12/5/2015 6:19 PM, Robert Bruninga via aprssig wrote:
> Sorry for the off topic.
> Will one of these cigar sized (yellow) electric field sensors be any use
> in  finding the bad bulb in a series XMAS light string?
> It beeps in the presence of an electric field and detects AC about 6
> inches away.th <http://away.th> this?

Probably not...

Take a look at this:


Note by anonymous user:

The Radioshack 271-1100 is no longer available. So I used 272-712 Neon 
Lamp and 220K ohm 1/2W 5% Carbon Film Resistor pk/5 Model: 271-1132

Rick   KD7VKZ

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