[aprssig] Electric Field Sensor (XMAS lights)?

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If the string worked last year and has a flasher bulb, give the flasher a thump with your finger. They are notorious for sticking open. This only applies to the older incandesces type of  Christmas lights.
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Sorry for the off topic.

Will one of these cigar sized (yellow) electric field sensors be any use in  finding the bad bulb in a series XMAS light string?

It beeps in the presence of an electric field and detects AC about 6 inches away.th this?

I can find no difference all along the string.  But then this is a 3 wire string with a receptacle on the end so there is AC end to end, even though there is a series bulb out.

Maybe this technique will work on a 2 wire loop string and not a 3 wire?

I'm happy to cut off the end plug and pull out the 3rd wire if someone claims it will work on a 2 wire string.

Sorry for the off topic post, but I'm probably not the first one with this dumb question at this time of year.



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