[aprssig] X-BEE wireless modules?

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Correct, PWM.  
I've used Digi International modules and have a couple as a serial link to my D700.  It is not the VSC that John Hansen sells to hams, but a Development kit from Digi International.

>From the: "XBee Cookbook Issue 1.4 for Series 1 (Freescale) with 802.15.4 Firmware"

2.2.6 Analog Outputs
The PWM period is 64μS, and there are 1023 (0x3ff) steps within it. To put that another way, the PWM outputs deliver a square wave at a frequency of about 15.6KHz with a duty cycle that can be varied in 1024 steps between 0% and 100%.

Digi International has some very good reference docs.

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 > Is there a mode where the INPUT analog voltages on the A/D pins on one module just appear as OUTPUT analog voltages out on the identical A/D pins of the other module?  In other words, a wirelss transfer of several analog voltages transparently?
 I've seen exactly such an example for a single channel using a pot and LED. Of course the "analog" output
 is actually pwm.
 I think it
 was on the Digi web site. Google will probably find it for
 you as that's how I stumbled across it. 
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