[aprssig] D710G external Progrmming Volunter?

Chuck Gooden Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net
Thu Aug 27 14:27:14 EDT 2015

My guess is that Bob wants something simpler so an astronaut could 
reliabale reprogram the radio to a known setup without knowing very much 
about the setup.
Again, this is only my guess.

Chuck Gooden

On 8/27/2015 1:16 PM, Stephen H. Smith via aprssig wrote:
> On 8/27/2015 9:18 AM, Robert Bruninga via aprssig wrote:
>> We need someone who is familiar with external programming the D710G 
>> AND who has
>> Microcontroller programming experience to make us a BLACK BOX “Radio
>> Configurator”.  Just plug it into a D710G and it dumps everything to 
>> the radio,
>> all PMS, TNC, everything.
>> Apparently the serial data protocol between the normal programming 
>> software and
>> the radio is “obvious” once you look at it.
>> This is a high value project.  We have many months to get it together.
>> RasberryPi  might work.  Others too, depending on the choice of the 
>> volunteer.
>> Contact me direct. Bruninga at usna.edu <mailto:Bruninga at usna.edu>
>> Bob
> What's wrong with the standard off-the-shelf Kenwood Memory Config Pgm 
> for the D710 running on a cheap $60-$80 Windows 8 tablet?
> See review of MicroCenter Winbook TW-700 tablet here on my website:
> <http://WA8LMF.net/WinbookTablet>
> I currently have over a dozen standard Windows ham apps including 
> soundcard programs running on this device including the programming 
> utilities for the D700 and TH-D72.
> The so-called Kenwood "MCP" (Memory Control Programs) do far more than 
> just load the memories.  they can save and reload all the defaults and 
> current settings like TNC settings, current data band, the contents of 
> the PMs and which one is currently active, VFO or memory on at 
> power-up, etc.
> Additionally, I have UIview/Precision Mapping, APRSpoint/MapPoint, 
> FLdigi multimode soundcard pgm, mmSSTV, mmTTY, EasyPal digital SSTV, 
> VOAprop, UZ7HO Soundmodem soft TNC, Echolink, and the ARCP-2000 
> Control program for the TS-2000 running on this device. I.e. pretty 
> much anything that will run on a standard desktop PC will run on these 
> sub-$100 devices.
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