[aprssig] is there a way to query a signal report from the digipeater?

Dave B g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 26 05:32:15 EDT 2015

From:           	Bill Vodall <wa7nwp at gmail.com>
Subject:        	Re: [aprssig] is there a way to query a signal report from the

> > I was wondering if it was possible to query a digipeater to give me
> > a signal report?
> We used to have this with the X1J netrom nodes...
> I bet it shows up soon, if it's not already there in DireWolf
> soundcard software.
> In the future, on the next generation web services, we should be able
> to click on and download our packet audio.  We have the technology now
> - we just need to spend many hours coding to implement it.
> Bill

As well as construct the backend data storage facility for all the audio files.

Personally, I've given up with DW for my use on HF.   As it seems to have 
acquired rather too many ways to lock up and die, when something unexpected 
is attempted to be decoded.  (Malformed packets etc.)

Plus, you still can't get a reliable audio level indication, until it's actually 
successfully decoded something.   Catch 22 etc.

What is wanted is a simple live audio level indicator, coloured block (like Fldigi) 
short text graphic bar or numbers (percentage) perhaps as a setup option so that 
the RX audio level can be set more or less right, the first time.   (Especially on 
Linux systems!)

That wish list tool need not even be live all the time (thoug nice if it could be) 
just invoked when needed (command line switch perhaps?) even if no decodes 
are possible while it's showing.

UZ7HO's Soundcard Modem (sadly only on Windows AFIK) is much more reliable 
and robust under the same operating conditions and on the same hardware, I 
find at least.  Others may have different experiences of course.

Yes I know, it (DW) is all open source, but that is way above my skill level to 


Dave G0WBX.
(G8KBV-10 "radio less APRS" sadly at this time.)

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