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Steve steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
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I am using an AvMap Geosat 6 APRS satnav connected to a D710 or D72. You can
tell it to route to another mobile station and it will reroute as required. 

If you connect the satnav to a Byonics TinyTrak 4 you can use any radio,
plus it will then give you a virtual keyboard for messaging.

It's not a cheap satnav however






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I also use a Nuvi-350 paired with a D700 in one vehicle and a Nuvi 1490
paired with a T3-135 embedded in an Alinco DR-135 in another.

One answer to "why" is it allows Net Control to create an incident object,
transmit it over the air (and/or the APRS-IS in this case) and it will show
up on the attached GPS (or APRSdroid screen) allowing the dispatched support
vehicle to navigate directly to the incident if necessary.

Seeing the object on a map with "ME" closing in on it is far better feedback
(IMHO) than getting a description of the location and trying to figure out
your own way to get there.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 8/10/2015 6:48 PM, Charles Doughtie via aprssig wrote:

 I agree with "why?".


There are club events here using APRS also. There are usually internet
monitors at race and net control and other fixed locations. Mobiles
transferred to provided vehicles mostly run basic transmitter only trackers
co-ordinated with net control, etc. They are connected with the transferred
radio to the vehicle battery, leads secured with "duck" tape, use mag
antennas, etc. I use a TM-D700 and Garmin NUVI-350.

de Charlie, N5EXY, Grid EM10fl, 
South Suburban Greater Hutto
I'm lost - where am I?  http://www.aprs.fi/n5exy-9 


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Hi Charles,

I have been reading all the replies to your question with interest, but kept
coming back with a question of my own...why?

(For some background, for the last 10 years I have been involved with the
ADA Tour de Cure/Chicago bike event, the last 5 as Communications & Safety

You didn't explain, but I am guessing that your SAG vehicles will cover
pre-determined areas of the course, and that you have a net control
operator(s) that are coordinating operations. While it is a nice idea, if it
was me...I want my ops keeping situational awareness of what's going on in
their area (i.e., what's happening outside their vehicle). They really don't
need to know what's going on over the rest of the course- that's the job of
net control (and whoever may be helping them). You are really adding more
complexity than necessary to their job. They can't be watching for issues if
they are studying another screen...

Hope this helps,
Eric K9LGE


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You did nail it that this is a RX-only requirement. We already have trackers
on the cars.


I had forgot about APRSDroid. That may indeed be a viable solution.


Thanks, Dallas, and to everyone else that has chimed-in.




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Several options have been shared so far to help you with your bike race.
I've used AvMap, WinBooks, Bluetooth TNCs, and soft TNCs. All have their
merits, but if you're looking for something that will be less expensive to
procure for multiple assistance vehicles and rest stops, I'd recommend
simply hooking an Android tablet or phone via audio cable to a HT. The app
APRSDroid has a connection protocol labeled "AFSK via Speaker/Mic" that will
decode the received packets heard on the radio and overlay them on a map on
the Android device's screen. The option to use an Offline Street Map is
there and with the device's built in GPS, you know where you are in relation
to the objects that you're receiving. 


Simple. Inexpensive. 


If you wanted to transmit, too, I'd recommend a more capable radio than a
HT, but it sounds like you're just trying to bring situational awareness to
more people. That being the case, the wattage of the device is irrelevant.
Depending on your peer group, it's not hard to find people who have an older
Android device gathering dust in their home from the last upgrade cycle or
two. That leaves your cost at $4.99 for the app and whatever money you spend
making cables. I'm assuming finding HTs and mag mount antennas to borrow
will also not be a problem within your local club.


This setup that I'm describing is the entry level APRS rig that we use to
get new amateurs in our club exposed to APRS. After they use it for a few
weeks, they tend to upgrade to something with more transmit power. However,
for your purposes, it may be ideal.


Here's the "how-to" we wrote for our club. It has a wiring diagram for
Wouxun, Baofeng, and some Kenwood HTs.


 <http://www.wcares.org/?page_id=2677> http://www.wcares.org/?page_id=2677


Dallas Clements


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I'd like to get the latest opinion from this group about putting together a
simple mobile APRS display solution. 


Our local club does a couple of bike events each year. We have an ad-hoc
network to support our trackers over the course area. I have been turning my
attention toward broader use of the info. For example, our rest stops now
have displays, and we run a Public Info table so that we can make event
participants aware of what we do and how we do it.


I am now turning my attention to our radio operators in the sag wagons. For
insurance purposes, the bike club provides the cars and drivers. The radio
op rides shotgun, using a Go-Box that has battery assist so that the
cigarette lighter adapter isn't doing the heavy TX lifting and can be shared
for other uses.


I'd like to have simple, non-transmitting display setup so that the operator
can "look" around the course as he has need. I'm not sure where to start
looking for commercial solutions, if there are any at all. I also have been
wondering, given the abundance of R-PI hardware, if a R-PI and display would
be enough to run something like YACC. A simple RX and antenna would be
enough, and the package could be small enough to occupy little of the
precious space in the vehicle and not pose a safety issue. Even nicer if it
could be on the dash.


So, what do you folks know? How would you approach such a requirement?





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