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John Fickes kc0bmf at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 11:29:05 EDT 2015

​ Hello

         My name is John my call W0JW.  I have been having troubles with my
Sat-gate misplacing stations on the   ariss.net <http://www.ariss.net/> map
and sending bad packets to aprs.is. The two stations of interest are mine
W0JW-6 and N0AGI-1. So, when my station receives a packet from the ISS my
UISS  copies this

   Fm N0AGI-1 To CQ Via RS0ISS* <UI pid=F0 Len=59 >[19:52:31]
@090052z4439.87N/09328.10W`-=5= MN,USA. sGate.John 3:16 ==-

  aprs.fi reports

     2015-08-08 19:52:31
MN,USA.sGATE.John 3:16 ==- [Delayed or out-of-order packet (timestamp)]

   and ariss.net <http://www.ariss.net/>  spots N0AGI-1 in Northern Canada
on the map when he is actually in Minnesota.

  So the things I know are, I'm using UISS version 5.4 Sat-Gate version 2
and UZ7HO sound modem. N0AGI is using WX3IN1 Mini version 1.12.

 N0AGI isn't the only station that I've misplaced, there have been others,
and what I notice first off is ,on my received from the ISS,  the time is
before the coordinates. And the 2 stations, that I misplaced on the maps,
were both using 3IN1 Mini,according to the aprs servers. There is also one
other station using UISS Sat-Gate v2 and it has also misplaced a station on
the map,not sure if the station he misplaced was using WX3IN1.

  What I don't know is, in my case,why is it always the same stations that
I have problems with ? Could it be a conflict with Sat-Gate and WX3IN1 ? Or
a problem with Sat-Gate v2 or WX3IN1 ? Although we don't seem to have
problems with others. I don't recall having this issue with UISS Satgate v1.

 Well that's all I can think of at this time, if there is any other data
that I could provide to help in solving this problem. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

                   Thanks for your time
                          John  W0JW  73
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