[aprssig] APRN Now! (cell phone uploads too)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Aug 9 23:55:40 EDT 2015

Shucks, while we wait for the SSTV camera to integrate into the APRN
network, with an OBJECT identifying HT remember there is also no
restriction on using a cell phone camera NOW to upload an image into the
APRN site.

Who's gonna write the APRN site for general hams to uplink images, but
using a structure that will be future compatible with the APRS Object
format descriptor?

Will it be APRN.fi?

or will it be APRN.FINDU.com?

I imagine a table something like what shows on ARISS.net (FINDU.COM) that
lists most recent images by callsign, and then just a string of the last N
SYMBOL descriptors for that call.  CLick on the symbol category for that
station and then get a list of all his images of that object type which can
then  be sorted by age, location, name or whatever.

Wow.  What a way to jump start this APRN system since thousands of hams
already have cellphone cameras for every one that might have an SSTV
camera.  Of course the server size would be staggering.  But since this is
not trying to replace cellphone camera systems but simply making them
compatible with the incoming SSTV images, these Hidef cell phone images (in
this APRN application) can be compressed down to match only the 240 by 320
STVV image resolution.  Vastly reducing storage size...

just remember, because it is easy to do with a cellphone, the APRN site
structure should be designed from the ground up to be compatible with the
APRS radio as the field entry device, and with the APRS object data as the
image identifier and cataloging system.

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