[aprssig] Mobile Off-Air Display

Charles Bland root at blandranch.net
Sun Aug 9 20:25:00 EDT 2015

I'd like to get the latest opinion from this group about putting together a
simple mobile APRS display solution.

Our local club does a couple of bike events each year. We have an ad-hoc
network to support our trackers over the course area. I have been turning
my attention toward broader use of the info. For example, our rest stops
now have displays, and we run a Public Info table so that we can make event
participants aware of what we do and how we do it.

I am now turning my attention to our radio operators in the sag wagons. For
insurance purposes, the bike club provides the cars and drivers. The radio
op rides shotgun, using a Go-Box that has battery assist so that the
cigarette lighter adapter isn't doing the heavy TX lifting and can be
shared for other uses.

I'd like to have simple, non-transmitting display setup so that the
operator can "look" around the course as he has need. I'm not sure where to
start looking for commercial solutions, if there are any at all. I also
have been wondering, given the abundance of R-PI hardware, if a R-PI and
display would be enough to run something like YACC. A simple RX and antenna
would be enough, and the package could be small enough to occupy little of
the precious space in the vehicle and not pose a safety issue. Even nicer
if it could be on the dash.

So, what do you folks know? How would you approach such a requirement?

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