[aprssig] APRN (Automatic Picture Relay Network) revival?

manuel holland wa5vxi at yahoo.com
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I, at one time, would have been a tinkerer and the challenge of the Raspberry Pi based SSTV would have been welcome.  However, I no longer care to learn to program the thing, chase parts, try to package it to look nice, etc.  Like many, I suspect, I have become an appliance operator, just give me a box with minimal configuration and I will be on the air.
And living in the boonies, as far as APRS is concerned, I need power, lots of power, lots of hills, valleys and obstructions between me and the only igate in the area.
Manuel, wa5vxi
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> *http://www.agri-vision.nl/CMS/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54 is
> a Raspberry Pi based SSTV capture and transmission device. With the FM
> transmitter software developed by Oliver Mattos and Oskar Weigl (and
> filtering and likely a bandpass filter it could be a stand-alone transmitter.*
> *
> *
> *73*
> *K0JEG*
> *

Hopelessly underpowered for the intended application.  SSTV is a strong-signal 
mode that needs "full-smash" hard-quieted signals to work decently.  I.e. 
somewhat similar to signal requirements for normal 1200 or 9600 baud packet. 
With the milli-watts range power output of this device, the range will be 
something like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  One needs output power on the order of 
watts or 10's of watts to be practical.

Further, the article doesn't indicate what mode(s) this thing transmits.  If 
the intent is to have a large number of igate-like receive installations, they 
will need to run standard modes that can be received by off-the-shelf SSTV apps 
like mmSSTV or HRD DM-780.

I still thing N1VG's SSTV cam board mated to one of his 5-watt FM telemetry 
transmitter modules is the way to go, and far less susceptible to buggy 
software and computer hiccups. One can "hardware" one of several standard SSTV 
formats with DIP switches.



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