[aprssig] Does the text "EMERGENCY" mean the real thing?

Gary D. Schwartz gary.schwartz at pobox.com
Fri Oct 17 22:36:00 EDT 2014

I can't speak to APRS specifically, but on all ham voice bands used in EmComm,
during a drill, one will preface every transmission with "This is a drill".

Ask Orson Welles what happened October 30, 1938.


At 11:20 PM 10/15/2014, you wrote:
>Greetings, all.
>I've just been noticing an annoying glitch in my APRS client, and 
>it's because someone is sending a beacon message with the word 
>"EMERGENCY" (all capital letters) in it. Are APRS clients supposed 
>to trigger emergency handling on status messages with this text 
>(since they don't have Mic-E status codes)? I noticed that other 
>sites sending out messages with this text deliberately mangled the 
>text or used mixed case so beaconing for an Emergency Operations 
>Center wouldn't make everybody's clients go berserk every time the 
>beacon showed up.
>So, is my client behaving correctly for this new beacon (and the 
>user defining it is incorrect), or is my client program behaving incorrectly?
>Here's the message:
>I know that !EMERGENCY! is supposed to be the equivalent of a MicE 
>status, but what about without the enclosing "!"?
>Just curious.
>Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
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