[aprssig] Proper Voice Alert and other APRS Operations

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 12 09:38:03 EDT 2014

> I have set up menu 614 “Voice Alert... no matter what I do
> there is no way to use the APRS RAW channel without first
> deactivating Voice Alert in menu 614. With Voice alert off I hear the data
> tones…

Ever since Kenwood put Voice Alert into the radio at my request, I tell
everyone to TURN IT OFF.  Do NOT use it for just the problem you encounter.

The work around is even better anyway.  Simply turn the volume UP on your
APRS A band and do all the "speaker" and APRS operating control via simple
memory channels.  See the table at the top of  http://aprs.org

In a nutshell, you simply program 5 memory channels, one with, one without
CTCSS-100 and the others with OFFSETS, etc for all the possible APRS radio

This way you control voice alert by one click on the Tune knob or Mic.  And
NEVER turn that radio volume down.  That is the #1 failure to communicate...
driving around with one's radio pinging "CQ" on voice alert and not then
hearing calls.


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