[aprssig] Igate traffic flow query

Nick G4IRX g4irx9 at nowindows.net
Thu May 29 06:36:03 EDT 2014

On 29/05/2014 00:26, Andrew P. wrote:
> Ugh. That would seem to imply that I-gating in either direction is 
> illegal in the UK without a permit, because the whole point of the 
> APRS-IS is to provide long-haul connection between different RF 
> stations (automatically routing to the Tx I-gates within range of the 
> addressed recipient). Even the Internet-only clients would be 
> receiving traffic over a public communications network.
So then a receive-only I-gate is then definitely part of the chain that 
routes third-party traffic to the APRS-IS and back out to RF.

> Or does the UK law only apply if the other end of the link is also in 
> the UK?
No it would apply to any link. As explained by Chris, the issue here is 
elsewhere, in our Communications Act, which regulates interconnections 
between communications provides and ISPs.

Nick G4IRX.
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