[aprssig] APRS Symbol Updates 2014!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 19 11:42:24 EDT 2014

At Dayton, Hessu announced an update to the symbol set on APRS.fi.  I also
stumbled across the Museum Ships booth and chatted nostalgically about the
origins of APRS back in 1983 when I first hooked up an Apple-II to the
Navy’s NTDS to display hostile and friendly surface, aircraft and undersea

I have always felt that EVERY museum ship should have APRS displays in the
radio rooms and CIC to entertain the visitors.

In a moment of levity, I thought about adding Submarines, and Torpedos and
Hostile aircraft and missiles to the symbol set for playing wargames on
museum ship weekend….  Then realized that the Aircraft symbol set should
have many more too.  So I ended up making these changes:


/^ = LARGE Aircraft

\^ = top-view originally intended to point in direction of flight

D^ = Drone

E^ = Enemy aircraft (too bad I cant use the original Hostile)

/g = was glider and \g was Gale.  We should re-use these and

Gg = let this be Glider

H^ = Hovercraft  (new may 2014)

J^ = JET  (new may 2014)

M^ = Missile  (new may 2014)

\O = was made a Rocket in 2004, but that destroys overlayed balloons

R^ = ROCKET is now the preferred approach  (new may 2014)

V^ = Vertical takeoff  (new may 2014)


/s = Power boat (ship) side view

\s = Overlay Boat (Top view)

Cs = receive as Canoe but still transmit canoe as /C

Js = Jet Ski

Ks = Kayak

Hs = Hovercraft (new may 2014)

Ts = Torpedo   (new may 2014)

Us = sUbmarine U-boat   (new may 2014)

As usual, the http://aprs.org/symbols.html  web page has been updated.

I suggest that any use of symbols for EXERCISEs include the word EXERCISE
as the first word in the object text.

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