[aprssig] Unicode in APRS messages

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Sun May 11 14:04:11 EDT 2014

Yes, UIView is just way to old, Unicode was not even invented yet in 
those days I think...

Shame that people do not switch to modern software (like my own :) which 
will also fix some ongoing issues with that software which cannot be 
fixed. I remember that Bob made some comments about it in one of his 
.txt files, that APRS is sometimes suffering by UIView doing things in a 
way which is no longer supported...

Anyway, I am happy to have my own software now working properly with 
Unicode (and the reason it was not, it was originaly developed with 
Delphi 2006, which was Ansi only, and it was only intended for New 
Zealand at the time).

PS. I just emailed an email with a screenshot, which is waiting for the 
moderator...  hello moderator?


On 11-05-2014 19:50, Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> Hessu OH7LZB wrote...
>> You can transmit a 'hello' message to a callsign 'UTF-8' on the
>  > APRS-IS, I've got an autoresponder set up that will reply with a few
>  > messages containing UTF-8 encoded text, to see if your setup can
>  > receive international text.
> The results in UI-View32 v2.03...
> VE7GDH-10 hello
> UTF-8     1. This message is English ASCII text.
> UTF-8     2. This message is English UTF-8 text.
> UTF-8     3. Scandinavian/German UTF-8: åäöæø ÅÄÖÆØ ßüÜ
> UTF-8     4. Japanese: 日本語 (3 chars)


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