[aprssig] Copying Xastir Configuration

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 12:51:10 EDT 2014

I was setting up another Raspberry Pi with Xastir on it and thought I'd just copy the .xastir/config/xastir.cnf file to the new install to make things easier. But when I do that Xastir won't start at all. Since I must have the wrong file can someone tell which files(s) to copy from a working install to a new install. After that I should only have to change the SSID to be up and running. This is the exact same version from the exact same .deb file that I have. 
I may have a hard time replying since most of my posts gets rejected due to the server thinking mail.yahoo.com is a spam site. So if my posts don't show up it's not because I didn't try.
Thanks, Max KG4PID
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