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WOW, Steve.  Everything that I thinks sucks on the web today...
Thanks.73, Steve, K9DCI

 From: Stephen H. Smith <wa8lmf2 at aol.com>
This seems to be a chronic problem with web-oriented developers -- they assume 
one has a nearly infinite amount of bandwidth available, and that any amount of 
code bloat and frivolous window dressing is insignificant.  Hence the growth of 
the average web page load from 50-100K to more like a megabyte or two over the 
last 5-10 years.

This may work on 5-10 megabit broadband "landline" Internet connections with 
flat-rate monthly charges, but becomes painfully obvious on slower mobile 
devices with severely-limited monthly data quotas.  Not to mention mobile radio 
data links where 14K or 28K (remember dialup modems??) is "really really fast".

This bloat includes ever-increasing amounts of javascript to obnoxiously make 
menus pop down when you merely mouse over them without clicking, simple links 
to other pages or PDF files that could be done with simple HTML HREF= tags 
implemented as PHP scripts instead, embedded videos that start playing without 
being requested, screens that darken and deliver overlays when you mouse over 
elements, multi-megapixel photos downsized with browser tags instead of being 
downsampled BEFORE they are placed on a page, and various & sundry other 
obnoxious annoyances. Not to mention the Facebook and Twitter badges on 
practically every page that generate MORE Internet traffic as they silently 
"phone home" to their respective sites every time a page loads.



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