[aprssig] APRS-IS Passcode alternative: SSL + Certificates, with no data encryption

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Sat Mar 29 13:02:07 EDT 2014

No licensed-op validation has yet been implemented or no validation
is required?

A non-Ham may effectively initiate an RF transmission, absent the
presence of a human (to validate that it is Ham-appropriate)
- via the Internet - to then be repeated by numerous unattended
Ham digis, and that is OK?

May a "data emission" theoretically include embedded text & images?

So this essentially means that a Ham license is not necessary for
re-transmitted "RTTY" and "data emission(s)" on Ham spectrum?

Wait until the pirates, pranksters, and CB-scofflaw spectrum-
poachers discover this. Is not some mischief to be had, & a
convenient new medium to be abused, by clever minds?

I hesitate to give them any ideas ...

David KD4E

> Third party rules. "No station may transmit third party
> communications while being automatically controlled except a station
> transmitting a RTTY or data emission" So you can't have a dial in
> number for non-hams to talk on a repeater, but you can have an email
> address or web site that non-hams can use to send messages.
> Steve K4HG


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