[aprssig] A new player

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Mon Mar 10 17:56:11 EDT 2014

On Mon, 10 Mar 2014, Gregory A. Carter wrote:

> I would still maintain the APRS-IS servers should have automatic throttling.

Yeah, might make sense on some level, even if APRS-IS itself is not 
getting hurt by this bug. Not to say that buggy software shouldn't be 
fixed and fixes be distributed.

> In this particular case the app probably doesn't have a sufficient user 
> base to cause that many issues but in the future it is possible another 
> app just might

Ah yes, it's only the second most popular igate software during this month 
(2014-03) according to my database, second only to UI-View32. This was a 
quick ad-hoc query for software instances acting as igates, and a small 
data set - different statistics could be produced with different rules and 
time ranges. The main point is that there is a good bunch of them out 
there. Luckily, only a few stations out of the whole user base seem to be 
getting the bug triggered.

UI-View32           1569
aprx                 577
jAPRSIgate           519 (D-Star DPRS nodes counted here too, maybe?)
ircDDB Gateway       483 (not an APRS igate - D-Star thing)
APRSIS32             359
WX3in1               218
Xastir               176
APRS4R               102
aprsd                 54
AGWtracker            47
DIXPRS                46
WX3in1 Mini           44

   - Hessu

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